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  • ● Managed Resources
  • ● Employer of Record

Managed Resources

Access premium talent pools to augment your team. Achieve your ideal elastic offshore workforce.

  • Best-in-industry professionals that provide onshore performance equivalence, and are backed by a perpetual replacement guarantee.

  • Simplified all-inclusive engagements of our resources that are billed hourly and invoices that can often be paid domestically.

  • Customizable to-the-minute time accounting reports that clearly show the effort spent and the savings made.

  • Engagements that are flexible to your needs.

Managed Resources
Employer of Record

Employer of Record

Hassle-free offshore expansion of your business, with your longer-term offshore resources employed by us on your behalf.

  • Build an offshore team aligned with your company culture and operational standards.

  • Comprehensive Human Resources, Payroll, Workspace and IT service for your offshore employees.

  • Detailed cost transparency with no hourly markup. An initial recruitment fee (if recruitment is required) and an ongoing monthly service fee per resource is charged.

  • Easily onboard your existing offshore employees or have us find the right resource for you.

The Engagement Process

The Engagement Process

Chat to Engagement Director

Refer Total Process

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Cost Savings vs Onshore Hiring

Up to 30%

Use Case

Contingency workforce

Length of Engagement

Short, medium or long-term

Immediacy of Availability

Medium to high

Exchange Risk Exposure


Salary / Invoicing

Local currency



Cost Transparency

Unient manages salary and benefits

Customisable Service Level


accounting and finance recruitment agencies

Customisable Features

Scale with speed and flexibility.

Our offshoring expansion solutions are customisable in the following ways:

Monthly Time Accounting Reports

Australian Phone Numbers

Social Events

Awards & Gifts

Initialisation Process

Office Space

Onsite Meal Program

Monthly Time Accounting Reports

Australian Phone Numbers

Specialised Recruitment Support

Greenfield Development Mode

Awards & Gifts

Social Events

Equipment Provision

Initialisation Process

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