Build the Offshore Engineering Team You Need With Unient

Augment your in-house capabilities, create a dedicated offshore team from scratch, or fully outsource a process to an offshore partner you can trust.

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We Source and Manage Top-Tier Offshore Engineering Talents for You

Expand your engineering service offerings, take on bigger challenges, and pursue new markets with Unient's tailored solutions and all-inclusive support services.

For established engineering firms looking to refine their capabilities, and for startups primed to scale and pursue growth, an offshore managed services provider for Engineering solutions is the path forward.

Working with Unient allows you to increase your operational capacity in the most cost-efficient way. Create a fully customised and dedicated offshore team of highly skilled engineers, senior-level technical professionals, and critical engineering support roles for product development, research, technical design development, documentation, and the like.

As your offshoring partner, we will handle recruitment and the day-to-day management of your offshore engineering team, and ensure their smooth integration with onshore stakeholders. As part of the talent management function we provide with our managed resources service, we will also facilitate development programmes or learning paths for your team members based on the skillsets and accreditations you require.

Typical Roles Under Engineering: 

  • Civil, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineer
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineer
  • CAD Operator
  • Construction Estimator

...and more!


Partner With Unient for Offshore Engineering Solutions

Building your own distributed workforce is easy with Unient’s all-inclusive, seamless, and reliable team augmentation solutions. Scale faster and smarter with an offshore team of professionals working for you.


We seek out, vet, and recruit the talents you need to succeed. Choose the roles you require based on your business goals and our excellent Client Success Managers and Operations Managers will handle onboarding, day-to-day operations, monitoring, and continuous training, upskilling, and professional certifications. We make sure that only highly skilled and verified experts are working for you.

Outsource non-core but necessary tasks, hire an entire offshore department to handle a specific function or a support service, or add a much-needed member to your existing team. We work with small to medium businesses and large enterprises alike and offer them a more efficient alternative to the traditional on-shore employment models that put a strain on internal resources.

Unient offers: 

  • A distributed talent pool of highly trained professionals with onshore performance equivalence fully managed for you by our Client Success Managers and Operations Managers.
  • Customised solutions that will help transform your business requirements into solutions tailored to your needs, budget, and timeline.
  • Elastic engagement models that are responsive to your project demands and business goals.
  • Unparalleled support through reliable communication channels and a perpetual replacement guarantee.
  • Transparent hourly billing, domestic invoicing, and to-the-minute time accounting.

Find the Engineering professionals you need by skill level and skill set at Unient.

We are your versatile partner for better offshoring.

Start customising your offshore Engineering team today!

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Best-in-industry Engineering professionals are right at your fingertips at competitive costs.

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