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Offshoring Your IT Helpdesk: 7 Things to Note

By Unient Team

As with any end-user-facing activity, the IT helpdesk is a crucial part of an organisation’s service delivery. Nowadays, customers expect always-on IT support and troubleshooting services across all channels. This is a huge strain on in-house resources and, if not up to par, may lead to reputation damage and loss of customers, current and future.

To help manage the demand, enterprises turn to IT helpdesk offshoring. Offshore IT helpdesks are accountable for providing prompt and intuitive technical support to both external and internal users via live chat, voice, email and social media.

Should You Offshore Your IT Helpdesk?

Should You Offshore Your IT Helpdesk? -  Reasons to Offshore IT Helpdesk - Unient

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Here’s how you know.

  • You need to expand the coverage hours of your helpdesk but it’s too costly.
  • Your helpdesk technicians require regular training and upskilling but you cannot adequately handle it in-house.
  • Your helpdesk is struggling with the quality of the service it provides and your end-users are deeply unsatisfied.

If even one of those things mentioned above is true for your organisation, it is high time to seriously consider offshoring your IT helpdesk. While you contemplate the pros and cons, trust that your competition is already doing it and reaping the rewards. Don’t get left behind.

7 Things to Note When Offshoring Your IT Helpdesk

1. IT Helpdesk Offshoring Service Providers Offer Flexible Packages.

IT helpdesk offshoring service providers offer flexible packages -  Reasons to Offshore IT Helpdesk - Unient

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Organisations might start to consider offshoring their helpdesk functions when the volume becomes too much to handle for an in-house team or when they will need to scale up to meet seasonal surges and demand, or when their in-house helpdesk cannot entertain communications beyond set hours. Regardless of the impetus, a good offshoring partner will tailor their offerings to accommodate your unique needs.

2. An Offshore Service Provider Is the Best Option for 24/7 Support.

An offshore service provider is the best option for 24/7 support -  Reasons to Offshore IT Helpdesk - Unient

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Not all businesses have the resources to establish a helpdesk that is operational on weekends and off-hours. Those that do will usually have to pay their employees for night differential and weekend premium. That’s where offshore service providers have an edge. Even with night differential and weekend premium, the operational cost will still be considerably lower compared to having your helpdesk in-house or onshore.

3. You Won’t Lose Visibility With Customers.

You won’t lose visibility with customers -  Reasons to Offshore IT Helpdesk - Unient

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Perhaps the most common hesitation to partnering with offshoring service providers for customer service functions is the perceived loss of visibility or loss of connection to customers. However, organisations don’t actually cede complete control of this, not in a real partnership relationship. An offshoring firm will work in tandem with your organisation. They will ensure alignment of goals and priorities, constant and transparent communication and detailed reports. Instead of losing visibility with your customers, working with a good offshoring firm with proper customer metrics will even help you become more aware and in touch with them and develop better working relationships.

4. You Can Set It up Fast and Hit the Ground Running.

You can set it up fast and hit the ground running -  Reasons to Offshore IT Helpdesk - Unient

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Looking for the right partner to handle your IT helpdesk will require vetting and due diligence, but the service can be deployed much quicker if they already have systems and solutions set up. In contrast, setting up an in-house helpdesk will still take longer. Once you have settled on the right offshoring partner and agreed on the SLA, the onboarding process should be quick and the transition seamless.

5. Your Offshored Helpdesk Can Become an Extension of Your Team.

Your offshored helpdesk can become an extension of your team -  Reasons to Offshore IT Helpdesk - Unient

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Your third-party IT helpdesk will be at the forefront of your customer service and your first line of defence against data breaches, phishing scams, and the like. When onboarded to your organisation’s specifications and trained with institutional knowledge, they will be able to provide onshore and in-house quality performance. With the appropriate ticketing system, continuous training, the necessary documentation, and regular performance assessment, your third-party helpdesk will work as an extension of your team. Your end-users shouldn’t feel short-changed or underserved.

6. Offshoring Your IT Helpdesk Leads to Greater Customer Satisfaction.

Offshoring your IT helpdesk leads to greater customer satisfaction -  Reasons to Offshore IT Helpdesk - Unient

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With customer service being such a huge differentiator, especially in saturated markets, offering faster and better service than your competitors is a must, from that very first point of contact until ticket resolution. Offshoring your helpdesk to a reputable firm that employs industry best practices will give you the following advantages.

  • Faster ticket resolution
  • Fewer escalations
  • Highly-trained customer service and tech professionals
  • Comprehensive documentation and reporting
  • Continuous improvement and quality assurance

7. Prioritise Data Protection and Security.

Prioritise data protection and security -  Reasons to Offshore IT Helpdesk - Unient

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A data breach can be catastrophic in an IT helpdesk because it deals with internal systems and sensitive customer information. It will be hard to win back customer trust once broken. Prioritise data security and choose a reputable third-party service provider that is at par with industry standards, compliant with GDPR, EU, and other pertinent laws on data management and privacy, as well as up-to-date with the latest security protocols, systems, and authentication models.

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