Leadership and Management 26 March 2024

How To Improve Your Organisation's Customer Focus

By Unient Team

Customer focus is an approach that puts customer demands at the centre of corporate decisions. Because these decisions impact customers, businesses put serving them before earning profits. Strengthening customer focus can increase revenue while fostering loyalty and trust.

Customer focus is an attitude, a way of thinking, or a tactic to match your company procedures to the objectives and demands of your clients. When you apply this strategy in your organisation, customer success becomes the common aim of all business units. And achieving this affects your organisational bottom line.

Let us dive in and learn how you can improve your customer focus!


Benefits of Prioritising Customer Focus

There are several benefits to placing the customer at the centre of everything you do and taking the time to understand their requirements and needs rather than just knowing their wants. 


Benefits of Prioritising Customer Focus - How to Improve Your Organisation's Customer Focus - Unient

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1. Stay relevant

Anticipating customer demands will give you a never-ending stream of creative inspiration, enabling you to investigate and create in far more fields than you otherwise may have. It also helps you stay relevant and continue to provide value to your clients. If you are not satisfying their needs and wants now, customers can swiftly discover someone else who can.


2. Improved customer engagement and loyalty

A customer-focused strategy includes hearing what customers say and incorporating their suggestions into your operations. These exchanges demonstrate to clients your concern for them and distinguish your company from your competitors. Building brand trust occurs when you fulfil your commitments and clients have pleasant experiences with your firm. This is essential to building long-term relationships and customer retention.


3. More profit

Customer service-oriented businesses are more successful. You can offer upsell and cross-sell opportunities by customising recommendations for returning consumers based on past purchases. Additionally, devoted clients bring in extra money by advocating your business to their network, such as telling their friends and relatives about their transactions with you or posting about their experiences on digital platforms (like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


Tips and Strategies to Improve Your Customer Focus


Go where your customers are


Go where your customers are - How to Improve Your Organisation's Customer Focus - Unient

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Your customers should be able to communicate with you through their preferred channels — your website, social media accounts, or even messaging applications. Your business needs to have your digital assets and social media in place.

Long-term consumer satisfaction requires developing a digital marketing and management plan. Most consumers anticipate significant interactions with brands and businesses' social media.

In fact, in The Future of Social Media: New Data for 2021 & Beyond report in The Harris Poll done on behalf of Sprout Social found that positive social media interactions with a brand make consumers more willing to buy (78%), choose that brand over the competition (77%), recommend it (76%), increase their spending with that brand (72%), and develop a stronger bond with a brand (70%).

Consumer interactions with brands will expand with social media's ongoing evolution. Here’s how we can help.


Prioritise customer feedback and gather data


Prioritise customer feedback and gather data - How to Improve Your Organisation's Customer Focus - Unient

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You may gain essential insight from client feedback to better understand their wants, objectives, and pain areas at every stage of the buying process.

In addition to using the data you already have, such as reviews, community forums, support agent recommendations, and customer service interactions, you may use surveys to get input.

You may obtain a more comprehensive picture of your consumers by tracking their feedback and managing their data, which includes their past interactions and history. Then, your team can assist customers on their journey and offer more individualised and personalised solutions. Ultimately, you save clients the trouble of repeatedly providing their history and contact details whenever they get in touch.


Update your customer support with technology


Update your customer support with technology - How to Improve Your Organisation's Customer Focus - Unient

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Technology can improve your customer experience and support procedures, even if it can never fully replace the human touch. With CRM connectors for scaled customisation, AI chatbots can handle common problems, direct clients with information, and prioritise requests for your agents.

Customers can quickly — and easily — take care of their needs with the support of self-service resources such as FAQ pages, knowledge bases, and help centres.


Have a strong customer support and success team


Have a strong customer support and success team - How to Improve Your Organisation's Customer Focus - Unient

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How well your customer support and success efforts affect your business bottom line.

When newly hired team members interact with customers, they require training that integrates customer focus and orientation. To help your team succeed, they should have continual opportunities to hone their abilities. Investing time and energy in their professional development will inspire them to perform even better when they handle client concerns regularly.


Your Business Focus Should Always Involve Your Customers

Your teams, including non-customer-facing roles, can be united behind a single purpose by making customer-focused values the core of your corporate culture. Employee collaboration and knowledge sharing across departments improve because of a company-wide commitment from all team members to delivering an excellent experience.

Based on our experience providing customer-focused initiatives and programs for our clients, we have discovered that one of the most effective methods to being customer-centric means acting bravely and simply supporting the main points you promote and offer to your clients. Talk to us to learn more.