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How To Be Productive and Enjoy the Work-From-Home Setup?

By Unient Team

The conventional office-based work culture used to be the standard for many years. With onsite work, we immediately think of fixed hours, commutes, and cubicles. But something revolutionary is happening that is changing the way we consider work. These days, remote work and offshore employment are replacing typical office-based procedures.

The typical justifications given by employees for choosing to continue working remotely, even when lockdowns have long since ceased, are well known to us: flexible schedules, reduced commute times, and, of course, the ability to balance work and personal priorities such as spending time with family, taking care of pets, etc.

Empowering employees to work from home has led to increased productivity for companies. But how can professionals maintain the same — or even higher — productivity while enjoying the remote environment?

Our Best Work-From-Home Productivity Tips

Establish a routine

Establish a routine - How To Be Productive and Enjoy the Work-From-Home Setup? - Unient

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A routine guarantees that your body gets enough rest and prepares you for any challenges you may encounter down the road.

Following a routine can help you stay on task and structure your day. Make an organised list of your daily tasks and an hourly plan. You can also create a timetable that indicates the best days and times to finish your chores. The bottom line is that you need to have your day planned and scheduled to be more efficient — not just for work but also for your errands.

Build your dream workstation

Build your dream workstation - How To Be Productive and Enjoy the Work-From-Home Setup? - Unient

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A laptop and a reliable internet connection are all you need to work from anywhere — on your bed, at the beach, or in shared workspaces. But having a base where you have no distractions and can focus is also essential.

With a designated workstation for your needs, you can condition yourself to enter work mode whenever you are in that place.

To do this, here are the essential steps:

  1. Choose a room or place in your house to use as your workspace.
  2. Pick a location with lots of natural light but with few outside disturbances.
  3. Invest in ergonomic furniture to not harm your physical health from sitting for long periods.
  4. Ensure you have storage options like shelves, drawers, or even adorable desk organisers to keep your things neatly arranged.

Beyond all else, you want a place that can inspire and motivate you. Creating a pleasant and focused workspace is the most crucial thing to do. To achieve this, you can design your space with your goals and aspirations on display. Or, you can decorate it with your favourite posters, figures, or ornaments. Being the designer of your workspace enables you to create an environment that will make you happier and more productive.

Don’t forget to socialise

>Don’t forget to socialise - How To Be Productive and Enjoy the Work-From-Home Setup? - Unient

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While remote working provides a lot of benefits, it also comes with its own set of challenges.

One of them, as reported by Pew Research, is that 53% of remote workers say it is harder to feel connected to their colleagues. To combat this, have a network of people you can contact. While you may prefer to work alone, it is still critical to maintain balance and be part of the team.

Find a coworker with whom you have a good rapport and get in touch to discuss both professional and personal triumphs and setbacks. In this manner, even when you do not meet in person, you maintain and develop work relationships.

Talk to your management about any worries you have as well. They can best assist you regarding your concerns about your workload, especially if your performance and wellness are taking hits.

You may also coordinate with your Human Resources representatives for support. They can help you coordinate your work schedule, time offs, and employee benefits that you can utilise.

Take breaks

Take breaks - How To Be Productive and Enjoy the Work-From-Home Setup? - Unient

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Another challenge of working from home is the blurry lines of work and personal boundaries. Since you are performing your job in your personal space, you may forget to take breaks to eat or stretch your legs.

If needed, set an alarm to remind you to take periodic rests. Make sure that you have enough time to eat to have enough fuel for your body. You will discover that doing this keeps you energised and helps you concentrate, enabling you to operate productively and effectively.

You must manage your time well and balance work and relaxation. Going outside and enjoying natural light and fresh air can also help declutter your mind. You can have a quick stroll for a change of environment after finishing your duties, even better if you can go somewhere to enjoy greenery or natural surroundings.

Even though it might seem counterintuitive, taking a break improves your focus. And because you are more focused after a break, you are more productive. You can also use tools to help you efficiently manage your duties and responsibilities so that you can take a breather on time. These tools can also keep your supervisor and team informed whether you are working or not yet.

Get dressed for work

Get dressed for work - How To Be Productive and Enjoy the Work-From-Home Setup? - Unient

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Despite how tempting it may be, do not spend your entire day in pajamas. Getting dressed in a different attire puts your head in a work mindset. It also helps you appear professional during video meetings.

By dressing differently, you help detach yourself from rest mode, lazying around, and procrastinating. Psychologically, if you are in appropriate clothing when a client or colleague calls, you might be more likely to be attentive. Getting dressed also guarantees you are presentable when unexpected on-cam conferences occur.

Convert your commute hours

Convert your commute hours - How To Be Productive and Enjoy the Work-From-Home Setup? - Unient

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How long was your workday commute?

In the U.S., the average commute time is 27.1 minutes for a one-way trip. That is almost an hour for a round trip. For some, it can be even longer, taking hours to go back and forth. And this amount of time adds up.

By working from home, you eliminate your commute time from your daily agenda. And based on the average commute times, you now get an extra 4.5 hours per week. And if you are on the lower end of 30 minutes each day, you will have around 2.5 hours per week.

You can utilise this time purposefully. Make deliberate use of it by substituting or changing it to something you enjoy or want to do. And it does not have to be during your previous commute hours. The idea is that you can use that wasted time for other things.

For example, you can allot those extra hours to read a book, work out, bond with your family, pick up a new skill, or learn a new hobby. With the previously wasted time now occupied with things that add value to your life, you now have more fuel and motivation to tackle other tasks.

Pay attention to your physical and mental health

Pay attention to your physical and mental health - How To Be Productive and Enjoy the Work-From-Home Setup? - Unient

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Work affects health, and health affects work. And this does not just refer to physical health but also mental health.

Most remote roles require long hours of sitting in front of a digital device, causing strain on the body and the eyes. The accumulated damage can cause poor posture, pains in various parts of the body, visual problems, and more.

Boost your energy and wake your mind and body before the workday with a quick walk or workout session. Stretch your limbs and muscles after a long day of sitting to prevent cramps and unneeded discomfort.

And it is also essential to not just be physically fit but also mentally healthy. Stress is inevitable, but copious amounts of it or poor management can be detrimental.

Regular yoga and meditation may help you deal with stress. You can also seek professional help from coaches and mental health professionals to help you better combat the challenges you face. Be sure to also check with your employer if they have resources that can help you. Your employer might have Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) to support your psychological needs.

Make it a top priority to equip yourself with a healthy mental and physical toolset of coping mechanisms to help you maintain a positive self-image and emotional equilibrium. For example, when you feel unwell, you can take a break to complete a puzzle, speed walk, or eat a treat.

Set expectations with people living with you

Set expectations with people living with you - How To Be Productive and Enjoy the Work-From-Home Setup? - Unient

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Working from home is not that different from working onsite, despite what some people may believe about the work-from-home arrangement — that you are always available.

Talk with the people you live with, such as your parents, partner, kids, or roommates, regarding expectations and boundaries whenever you work.

For instance, you may request that they keep silent or not approach you with personal matters during specific times of the day. For parents who share care responsibilities, align your schedule with your partner. You can divide your tasks into shifts and alternate between working and caring for the kids.

Keep lines of communication open with your household members to prevent yourself from becoming sidetracked by the many distractions that come with working from home. Telling them to answer for you during specific hours due to an online meeting, covering for door-to-door delivery, etc., could be all that is needed.

Switch up your ambience

Switch up your ambience - How To Be Productive and Enjoy the Work-From-Home Setup? - Unient

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While having a constant workspace is essential, being cooped up in one location all the time can be frustrating. When this feeling comes, a change of environment can help.

One of the benefits of remote working is that as long as you have your device and a good internet connection, you can work from anywhere.

You may mimic the energy of an office so you can continue to be productive even when you are not at one by being in coffee shops, libraries, public lounges, coworking spaces, and other comparable Wi-Fi-enabled locations. There is no harm in working by the pool and enjoying the view as long as you get work done.

Maximised Productivity

Maximised Productivity - How To Be Productive and Enjoy the Work-From-Home Setup? - Unient

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Even though you might miss the office, working from home full-time has a lot of benefits. It allows you to not worry about daily commutes and spend more time with your loved ones so that you can better take care of them.

Whether you work for a startup or an established company, it takes some time to get the hang of juggling work and personal obligations. Remain flexible and let your team know what you need as you go.

Once you have the appropriate equipment and set up, you can now work from home. Make the best of your remote arrangement by practising our recommendations above.

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