Leadership and Management 09 November 2023

Unient: Unveiling Entrinsic Technology’s New Identity

By Unient Team

Entrinsic Technology, a trusted partner for software outsourcing and human resource augmentation in Australia, has completed an extensive rebranding initiative. We are proud to introduce Unient, a new brand identity that reflects our diversified service offerings and our expanded geographical coverage. This rebrand solidifies our mission to become your versatile partner for better offshoring.

Over the past decade, Entrinsic Technology has built a name for itself in the Australian logistics industry as an outsourced provider of scalable teams of specialists developing custom software solutions. We have enabled numerous enterprises to function cohesively onshore and offshore and helped them thrive in a fast-paced and increasingly technologically complex environment.

Everything that our clients and partner businesses have come to expect as the Entrinsic Technology brand promise —solid technical expertise, domain readiness and unparalleled client service — remains true for Unient, but on a much broader and deeper scale.

Unient’s purpose is built around creating exceptional offshoring experiences through the successful delivery of services and outcomes by our highly skilled team.

Jeffrey Brenton, Unient’s Founder and Managing Director says, “We’re proud of the work we’ve done with Entrinsic Technology and of the impact we made not only in Australia but also in the Philippines. With Unient, we want to stay true to our organisational DNA of providing value-driven and sustainable offshoring services to our clients. This new brand identity better captures our current capabilities and our plans for the future."

Unient Logo

Unient: We Create Value and Deliver Results

The offshoring industry is accelerating at a rapid pace and Unient is poised to be at its forefront. We are focused on delivering solutions in the following areas: offshore staffing, technology outsourcing, creative services and BPO.

Offshore Teams

Explore our flexible offshoring engagement models. We provide a highly-customisable and cost-effective range of market-entry options.

Infotech Solutions

Gain a competitive edge in any industry with enterprise-class software and a dedicated development team delivering end-to-end tech solutions.

Creative and Marketing Services

We offer a full suite of creative and digital marketing services to help businesses create meaningful connections, tell stories and drive conversions.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions

Streamline business processes, create exceptional customer experiences and drive growth with our intelligent front-office and back-office solutions.

This roster of services is accessible to businesses of any size and in any industry.

Innovation, Service and Creative Offshoring With Unient

The disruptions of the last two years have only highlighted the importance of resilience and versatility, especially in the offshoring industry. As a company driven and powered by innovation and technology, we are not only committed but also equipped to provide an attentive, adaptable and responsive service to clients anywhere in the world.

With our growing team of technical specialists and support staff working across the Philippines, Singapore, India and Australia, we are a perfect fit for your offshoring needs.

Our new identity reflects our growth journey. Unient is ready for the opportunities and challenges the future will bring. We are taking our business to the next level, and we look forward to taking the next steps with you.